10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session #1A: Making Invisible Conditions Visible: Embracing the Patient Perspective
Room: Seminar A
Discussant: Rachel Cane, University of Chicago

Following the Child's Lead in Gender Expansive Childhood
Presenter: Joshua Franklin, University of Pennsylvania

Disclosure of HIV Status to Children Living with HIV in Uganda – Process, Understanding, and Ethics
Presenter: Colleen Walsh Lang, Washington University in St. Louis

Defensive Patienting: Navigating the Double Binds of Evidence in "Conditions of Context”
Presenter: Alli Morgan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Session #1B: Historical Trauma: Marginalization and Segregation’s Ripple Effects
Room: Seminar B
Discussant: Joel Howell, University of Michigan

The Rise and Fall of Rural Hospitals: The Legacy of Hill-Burton and the Resegregation of Healthcare in the American South
Presenter: Alyssa Botelho, Harvard University

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Cross-Cultural Analysis How PTSD Affects the Native American Community
Presenter: Joan C. Crenshaw, Middle Tennessee State University

The impact of household proximity to brownfield sites and high-traffic areas on thymic activity and systemic inflammation in Detroit, Michigan
Presenter: Evans K. Lodge, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Session #1C: Affect and Embodiment: Exploring Individual Narratives and Clinician Responses
Room: Seminar C
Discussant: Kathryn Wataha, University of Michigan

The Unknown Factor: Examining Embodiment in Multiple Sclerosis Through the Lens of Play
Presenter: Matthew Adamson, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Affect and Body Voyaging in Mid-Twentieth-Century American Culture
Presenter: Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, University of Pittsburgh

Side Affects: Embodied Experiences of the Pill in the United States
Presenter: Caroline Hodge, University of Pennsylvania

Session #1D: Critiquing the Global Health Narrative: How Individual Experience Belies International Consensus
Room: Kahn Auditorium
Discussant: Vicky Koski-Karell, University of Michigan

Tracking the Good Life in West African Domestic Service
Presenter: Liza Buchbinder, University of California, Los Angeles

No More to Spend: Neglect and the Construction of Scarcity in Malawi's History of Health Care
Presenter: Luke Messac, Brown University

The Racialized Erotics of Control: Reinterpreting Risk Compensation in the Discourse on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis to HIV
Presenter: William Schlesinger, University of California, Los Angeles

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Session #2A: Challenging Assumptions and Methods in Health Policy and Nutrition
Room: Seminar A
Discussant: Emily Arntson, University of Michigan

Why is Risk Adjustment Inaccurate for Complex Patients?
Presenter: Maya Lozinski, University of Chicago

Comparing demographic and health characteristics among new versus existing SNAP recipients: application of a machine learning algorithm
Presenter: Zachary Templeton, University of Pennsylvania

Cyclical food purchasing behavior in low-income households receiving nutrition assistance: Evidence from a simple annotated receipt method
Presenter: Sruthi Valluri, University of Minnesota

Insurance Status Biases Trauma-System Utilization and Appropriate Inter-Facility Transfer: National and Longitudinal Results of Adult, Pediatric, and Older Adult Patients
Presenter: Cheryl K. Zogg, Yale University

Session #2B: MedEd Logistics: The Ordering and Orienting of Care Routines
Room: Seminar B
Discussant: Howard Chiou, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Teaching Care in an Emergency: The Role of Habitus, Habits, and Time in Emergency Medical Technician Training
Presenter: Chuan Hao (Alex) Chen, University of Pennsylvania

Sick/Not Sick: Intuition, Racism, and Seeing Sickness in Medical Training
Presenter: Adeola Oni-Orisan, University of California, San Francisco

Keeping Time Together – Temporal Dynamics of Teamwork in Primary Care
Presenter: Shannon Satterwhite, University of California, San Francisco

Clinical Education as Language Games: Addressing the Importance of Pragmatics in Medical Education
Presenter: Bonnie O. Wong, University of California, Berkeley

Session #2C: Reproductive Rights and Giving Birth: Examining Dangers and Decision Making
Room: Seminar C
Discussant: Andrea Knittel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Advocating for Evidence: Proving Cause versus Effecting Outcomes in Birth Protocols
Presenter: Andrea Ford, University of Chicago

The Biopolitics of Infant Mortality Rates in Israel
Presenter: Na'amah Razon, University of California, San Francisco

Understanding Gender Based Violence in Bolivia: How (In)Access to Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights (SHRR) Education Affects Youth
Presenter: Vanessa Kathryn Voller, University of Minnesota

Exploring Chinese Women’s Decisions about Childbearing After the Lifting of the One-Child Policy
Presenter: Eileen Wang, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Session #2D: Bridging Disciplinary Divides in Global Health and Social Medicine
Room: Kahn Auditorium
Discussant: Seth Holmes, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco

Less is more: Merging organizations and disciplines to advance health justice
Presenter: Michelle Morse, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Projects and Projections of Care for Human Rights in Detention and Resettlement
Presenters: Sara Rendell and Michelle Munyikwa, University of Pennsylvania

Avoiding Disciplinary Supplementation: Lessons from Engel’s biopsychosocial model
Presenter: Richard Sanders, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Global Health and the Social Sciences: Symbolic Struggle and the Academic Field
Presenter: Jonathan Shaffer, Boston University


9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Session #3A: Vulnerability, Mortality, and Accessibility in Reproductive Healthcare
Room: Seminar A
Discussant: Jennifer Karlin, University of California, San Francisco

Religion, Fairness, and Infertility: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Women Seeking Fertility Treatment in the United States
Presenter: Natalie Jansen, University of Illinois at Chicago

Protective Exposure in the Highlands of Lesotho: A Cultural Metaphor for Biomedicine?
Presenter: Mary E. Knipper, Rutgers University

Acceptability and validity of a social autopsy tool as part of under-five and stillbirth mortality surveillance in Sierra Leone
Presenter: Jessica Preslar, Emory University

Session #3B: Examining the Idea of Patient Compliance and its Societal Origins
Room: Seminar B
Discussant: Elise Carpenter, Lawrence Family Medicine Residency

Integrating Experiment and Experience: Blind Ingestion of Targeted Cancer Therapies in Post-Reform China
Presenter: Miao (Jenny) Hua, University of Chicago

Understanding the Dynamics of Cost-Related Medication Non-Adherence Through Markov Modeling
Presenter: Afia Khan, University of Chicago

Patients Who Are Hard to Hold: Compliance, Resistance, and Tuberculosis Treatment, 1948-1998
Presenter: Leah Schwartz, Harvard University

Session #3C: Patient Vulnerability in the “Opioid Epidemic” and the Abdication of Physician Responsibility
Room: Seminar C
Discussant: Scott Stonington, University of Michigan

“Just do your job”: Technology, Bureaucracy, and the Eclipse of Conscience in Contemporary Medicine
Presenter: Jacob A. Blythe, Stanford University

A Conceptual Model to Evaluate Disease-related Stigma and Access to Healthcare among Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Presenter: M. Elle Saine, University of Pennsylvania

State Surveillance, Opioids, and Risk: Emerging Subjectivities in the United States 'Opioid Epidemic'
Presenter: Lauren Textor, University of California, Los Angeles

Session #3D: Experiencing, Sensing, Feeling Health Services Room
Room: Kahn Auditorium
Discussant: Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, University of Pittsburgh

A Prolegomenon into a Phenomenology of the Intensive Care Unit.
Presenter: Angela Ross Perfetti, Harvard University

“A Test of Conscience”: The emotional dimensions of medical education, Mexico 1935-1945
Presenter: Steven Server, University of Chicago

Practices of Being Near: An Ethnographic Study of Family Members & Persons with Lived Experience of Mental Illness
Presenter: Jiameng Xu, McGill University

An Aesthetic-Sensual Ethnography on the Experience of Dementia in A Northern California Residential Memory Care Unit
Presenter: Bessie Young, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco

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