(1) Understanding Socioeconomic Barriers to Health: Mirroring Patients' and Students’ Perspectives at a Student-Run Clinic
Presenter: Lissie Arndt and Katharine MacMillan, Michigan State University

(2) Graduate Student Mental Health: Lessons from American Economics Departments
Presenter: Matthew Basilico, Harvard University

(3) “Not a Candidate”: Grounds for Unilaterally Limiting Care
Presenter: Jacob A. Blythe, Stanford University

(4) Dehumanization, Hierarchy, and Inequality
Presenter: Elliott Brannon, University of Michigan

(5) Racism and Medicine in Latino Communities in the United States: Inextricable Histories and Implications
Presenter: Liset Contreras, University of California, Los Angeles

(6) Worship, Medicine, and the Ancient World: Investigating Healing Narratives at Temples of Asklepios
Presenter: Marie Freudenburg, Yale University

(7) Association between neighborhood ethnic density and maternal and neonatal health conditions: A systematic review
Presenter: Marzieh Ghiasi, Michigan State University

(8) Uncovering Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Rural Appalachia
Presenter: Anna Hansen, University of Kentucky

(9) Hidden costs of war: A biocultural investigation of maternal stress on complete blood counts in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Presenter: Chu J. Hsiao, University of Florida

(10) Enhancing Validity of field notes with skills learned in Balint Groups
Presenter: James P. Meza, Wayne State University

(11) Illuminating Ethical Grey Areas: The Need for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Medicine
Presenter: Tabitha Moses, Wayne State University

(12) Anatomy’s Use of the Unclaimed Dead: A Review of the Legislation
Presenter: Natali Senocak, Quinnipiac University

(13) The Potentiality of White Supremacist Harm Reduction Models: A Prospectus of What Could Be and Current Barriers to its Implication
Presenter: Casey Lu Simon-Plumb, Boston Medical Center

(14) The Accuracy of Google Translate for Spanish and Chinese Translations of Emergency Department Discharge Instructions
Presenter: Eric Steinbrook, University of Michigan

(15) Culturally-Informed Perspectives on Family Planning Decision Making and Gender Dynamics in Rural Guatemala
Presenter: Katharine Wilcox, Wuqu Kawoq Maya Health Alliance